Mother's Day Brunch meals, Desserts and appetizers must be ordered by May 6, 2021 2:00pm only available for local pick up only, if a catagory is out of stock then you will need to call 507-369-5258 or 507-202-3299 to see if there is a chance to get an order in. These are (single serve) or Family Size Take and Heat Meals, lengthy instructions will be included.

All Meals Include Fruit

Monte Cristo French Toast Bake $40 ($10) French Toast stuffed with ham, turkey and Swiss cheese served with Raspberry Syrup (GF upon request)

Eggs Benedict Quiche $35($9) A flaky crust with eggs, Canadian bacon and cheese and Hollandaise Sauce on the side (GF upon request)

Breakfast Lasagna $40($10)Hashbrowns topped with scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, sausage, cheese and biscuits

Corned Beef Hash Bake - $40 ($10)Housemade corned beef, eggs, peppers, onions, topped with tator tots and cheese (GF)

Mom's Day Donut Bouquet $25 - 1 dozen Decorated Raised Glazed donuts on sticks and wrapped in a bouquet box.


Mother's Day Charcuterie boards includes

Formager D'Affinois - This French import is a double creme but not a brie. Silky smooth and buttery a hint of mushroom, it is so creamy you will think it is a triple creme. This is made from pasturized cow's milk. An all time favorite.

Lemon Stilton - No blue veins here, this white stilton with lemon zest is the ultimate dessert cheese. A Wenslydale style cheese, one of those cheeses that can only be made in that region, that has almost a cheesecake texture. Import England.

Danish White Cheese - a Danish Feta - yes, different from it's Greek Cousin. This cheese has a creamy and smoother curd and can be spread on a cracker. This cow's milk cheese was a last minute find. Imported from Denmark

Port Wine Spread - housemade from Windsor Red Cheese, an Import from England.Includes Prosciutto, Genoa Salami, grapes, apple, House made Strawberry Lemon Jam, House made Rhubarb Pickles, Mixed nuts and now featuring Potter's cracker another Good Food Award winner from Madison, WI.


Lemon Meringue Pie - cool and refreshing lemon filling topped with mounds of meringueFresh Strawberry Pie - what more can one say about fresh strawberry pie

Banana Cream Pie - loads of bananas in a rich pudding topped with your choice of whipped cream or meringue

Chocolate Cream Pie - a luxurious chocolate pudding topped with a pile of freshly whipped cream

Whipped Cheesecake - refrigerator cheesecake, add topping if desired blueberry or cherry

Mother's Day Brunch Meals, Desserts and Appetizers