Our Story

Back in 1977, I started experimenting in the kitchen. I worked very hard to develop different styles and techniques.  Learned preserving from my mom and exhibited jam at the fair.  When the time came to get a job naturally I got a job in a restaurant.  Now many years later with over 25 years of cooking and service behind her there isn't too many things that she hasn't made or developed recipes for.  The jams and jellies are experiments in Great-Grandma Wood's recipes. The Grandma's Dills, the corner stone of our pickle line, are Great Grandma's old farmhouse pickle recipe from the 1890s, Sarah was a great cook and I only hope that I can do her justice.  My mom will sometimes say it doesn't taste like grandma's or that's not how grandma made it and I know that it needs to be changed.  The Beets aren't my grandma's recipe but I know the grandma that it came from, she told me that the recipe goes back five generations, my mom approves of the recipe but she is quick to say it them cold.  I believe in making everything great tasting, if I wouldn't eat it and love it I would never let anyone else.   I love hearing "it reminds me of or it is just like"  I know that I have brought back a memory of a time with someone special and it makes me happy to be able to share with people the times of past and bring them something they have been searching for, I love the smiles. 


BBQ and fine dining were just techniques picked up on the culinary adventure of my life.

Keep us in mind for homemade gifts, artisan and gourmet jams and pickles.  Gift certificates for that hard to buy friend or relative.  We would love to make up a fabulous gift basket for that special occasion.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the gourmet, homemade and artisan food industry.