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Our Story

  There has been so many bumps along my journey of culinary arts.  I started cooking when I was eight years old, let's just say I have learned a lot since then. Growing up in 4-H I did learn so many cooking skills including baking, meals and canning of course.  I remember the first year I made jam, it was peach and my mom taught me how Great-Grandma Wood taught her.  

  I started working in restaurants in 1985, I learned so much in my first full service restaurant experience.  From learning how to make pies, rolls, and soup to gravy, traditional old fashioned foods that everyone loves to customer service and how important to treat your customers like a guest in your home. Through out the years in restaurants the people that came in the front door were always the most important people in the restaurant, no matter what.  I am so thankful for the relationships that I have fostered, both co-workers and customers alike.

  After many years in restaurants I went to college and then started doing farmers markets.  I made baked goods and started canning again.  Jams and jellies at first then I made salsa, finally my mom gave my Great Grandma's pickle recipe.  Many people loved our products and I wanted to see how they stacked up to other producers so I entered into many fairs including the Minnesota State Fair and achieved many blue ribbons.  


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