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Grandma Made it Gourmet

Small Batch

Artisan Food

Grandma's Gourmets focuses on providing unique products that blend memories, contemporary flavors, and specialty ingredients; many sourced locally. We offer decadent flavors to discerning connoisseurs who savor the little things in life. Grandma’s Gourmet produces the freshest gourmet foods that are made in small, artisanal batches right from grandma’s very own kitchen. 



A little bit of love and a lot of skill goes into each and every product. 



Crafted by real Grandmas with care and spunk.

Local ingredients

All products are crafted with quality ingredients sourced locally. 

Limited Selection

Limited edition flavors for every season. 

Specialty Foods, Sweets, and Spreads

Grandma doesn’t stop at one savory specialty and call it a day. Our grandma is thoughtful and makes sure every foodie has their fill. Let us take you on a savory journey of indulgence. 

Awaken your tastebuds for our jams & jellies that feature our handmade charcuterie boards. A charcuterie board is a French phrase that loosely translates to a fancy board with an assortment of food that goes well together. Grandma’s Blueberry Lavender Jam is the latest spread to be honored as a Good Food Award Winner. Our jams and jellies make for great gifts or, honestly, a great indulgent treat for yourself. 

Savor something bolder? Give our Mango Tango salsa a try, and don’t be surprised when you’re dipping your hand in for the last drop. These salsas come in an assortment of flavors that range from mild, spicy to hope there’s milk in the fridge. Let the variety of spices come together and bring out your taste buds.

Our pickles are anything but typical! Our Good Food Award of 2018, Bloody Pickles, is everything you love about a Bloody Mary without the vodka or Worcestershire. Grandma’s canned veggies and pickles provide a delightful twist to the typical disappointment of veggies. Our brine brings out the best in everything it touches. These gourmet products add that flair of what makes Grandma’s Gourmets special. 

Grandma's Daily Delights

Bakery at Northbridge Mall Albert Lea!

Don't forget to stop by our bakery for your next sweet treat! There is a reason why customers keep coming back. Grandmas loves to spoil your taste buds with delicious pastries, doughnuts, and of course, cookies. Grandma and her specialty bakery have a reputation for catering to dietary needs or preparing enough food for many people. 

We can cater to your dietary needs or prepare for a lot of mouths to feed. Give grandma a call and or check out her Facebook for the latest treats are available. If it’s not available, we would love to make you a delectable treat you can eat. 

We have a wide variety of baked goods, including donuts, cookies, scones, and more. Our specialty ingredients include pies, cinnamon rolls, and other yummy treats. You can find weekly specials on our Facebook page and follow us on social media to see what we're up to each day.

Stop in today for some delicious food that will make you feel like family! We also offer catering services so you can enjoy the best foods at your next event with friends or family. Plus, we have an online store where you can order any of these goodies from the comfort of your home!


Our products speak for themselves, but they get the judges talking too!

We love winning awards that showcase the craftmanship and pursuit we strive for 

that goes into creating a product made by people who care. 

Canned Goods

This is our jam! We have so many different types of canned goods that you’ll find something to suit anyone's taste. Our products are made with care by hand in small batches using only natural ingredients. You won't find any preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors here!


Grandma wants you to eat delicious food every day of your life. And we want to help you do just that by providing high-quality canned goods for everyday use in your home or office pantry.

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