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Bloody Pickle
This pickle is everything that you love about a Bloody Mary without the vodka or Worcestershire. 2017 Finalist in the Good Food Awards. Quart-32oz.
Price: $18.99
We carry a wide range of homemade gourmet foods to suit a variety of tastes.
 From Jams and jellies to salsa and pickles we do a little bit of everything. 
 Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more i
nformation on products, current promotions and custom options.  Local pickup is
 available with 24 hour notice.  Call 507-202-3299.
Pint Pickles
From old fashion dills to Dilly Beans and Asparagus Find our pint pickles here.
Price: $9.29
Pint Sized Pickles:
Pickle Pack
A pint of Baby Grandma's Dills, a pint of traditional Bread and Butter Pickles and a pint of Old Fashioned Beet Pickles. All the old favorites for a great Holiday meal.
Price: $28.99
Bloody Mary Bar Kit
A Quart of dills and Pint asparagus nubs, and Pint dilly beans plus a dry Bloody Mary Mix that makes up over 6 quart of mix when blended with tomato juice. A ten ounce jar of Fermented Pickle Juice, to aid into your Bloody and a pickle fork. Also 4 emergency cans of tomato juice because you never know.
Price: $45.99
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Jam Pack
Half pint of Carrot Cake Jam, Raspberry Chipotle Jam and Traffic Jam, a jam spreader and serving suggestions. A great gift or addition to a cheese plate for the holidays.
Price: $25.00
4 ounce Jams
Some flavors old and some flavors new just smaller
Price: $4.99
Jams and Jellies
Our award winning locally made jams and jellies. They are made in small artisan batches to ensure high quality and great taste. All are 9.5 oz jars.
Price: $7.49
Delicious Salsas-16 oz jars-from fruit to hot
Price: $9.29
Hotter Salsas
Hotter Salsas-Devil's Venom contains Ghost Chilies, Nuclear Sting adds Trinidad Scorpions and Devil's Trinity adds Carolina Reapers-these are hot!!!
Price: $12.99
Hotter Salsa:
Quart Pickles
Quart size Dills
Price: $16.99
Quart Dills:
Drinking Vinegar Concentrate
Price: $11.99
Naturally Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles
No refine sugar here, only local maple syrup or local honey
Price: $12.99
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