Grandma's Gourmets - Fresh and Homemade

Holiday Jam Pack- 

3 jars: Carrot Cake Jam, Raspberry Chipotle Jam and Christmas Jam plus a jam spreader and cheese pairs. A great gift pack or easy Holiday Party entertaining ideas.

Christmas Pickle Pack-
A pint of Baby Grandma's Dills, a pint of Traditional Bread and Butter Pickles, and a pint of Old Fashioned Beet Pickles.  This combo is great for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  Memories in a package plus a pickle fork and serving ideas too.

Mango Tango Salsa, Caliente Rojo Salsa, Scovie Awards
Just announced 2017
Scovie Award winning
Salsa 2nd Place in Medium
Caliente Rojo and 3rd Place in Fruit Mango Tango.

Also 3rd Place in Pickles with Sneaky Devil Dills, now available for a limited time. They are a crazy good and spicy pickle with Ghost, Scorpion and Reaper Peppers.  These are based on Great Grandma Wood's recipe but are crazy hot and crazy good.

Grandma's Bloody Pickles, everything you love about a Bloody Mary except the vodka but in a pickle form Bloody Pickle was named a Finalist in the 2016 Good Food Awards.  Very exciting.  Click on the bloody pickle pic to check out the Good Food Awards page.  These are available now on our products page.  Add 1-2 TBSP brine to 
your Bloody Mary or Beer for a little zip.  When you are done with your pickles
add brine to taste to a 50/50 blend of 
sour cream and mayo for a yummy dip. 
Bloody Mary KitJust in now available-Bloody Mary Bar Kit: everything for a perfect Bloody Mary Party all you need is vodka and ice! Enjoy!! 

Pickle varieties that we currently produce. Asparagus, Dilly Beans, Grandma's dills, Bloody Mary Pickles. 
We make Grandma's Dills, a top secret family recipe from my Great Grandma Wood. This special recipe is over 100 years old and I'm not really sure how many generations it could go back but it's an amazing pickle.   We also make many other Pickles  and pickled vegetables.  Many are also know as nature's stir sticks.  They are perfect for a great Bloody Mary!
Shrubs, drinking vinegar concentrate that we currently make
Shrub, no not the plant, the colonial non-alcoholic beverage enhancer.  This delightful acidic drinking vinegar concentrate made with real fruit and cane sugar can be added to water, club soda, used to make salad dressings, and adult beverages too.  We include a recipes so don't worry if you are unsure of how to use these.
Salsa varieties that we make, Devil's Venom, Mango Tango, Some like it Hot, Devil's Trinity
One is good but more is better. From mild to super hot, we make a salsa for everyone.  Devil's Venom is the driving force behind our salsa line.  This salsa is Ghost Pepper heavy and bites you back.  New last season Mango Tango, a mango, peach and pineapple salsa that is may I say AMAZING!
Colors of jams that are currently in production, Traffic Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb, Strawberry Shortcake, Scottish Tartanberry
Jam and jelly is were it all started. From flavors like Traffic Jam, Tartanberry Jam, Peach Habanero and Strawberry Shortcake, new flavors are always in the works. Many flavors are only seasonal. If you are looking for something different and delicious we have a flavor for you.  During the peak summer season we have as many as 50 flavors available. 
Send me a message for seasonal
flavors available now.
Yummy BBQ Ribs great catering choice for your event
Catering:  We offer a funeral catering menu. 
Call for pricing for all other events!! We can do anything, really!  We specialize in slow smoked BBQ but there is really nothing that we can't make. The only limiting factor is your or my imagination and your budget.  These beauties can be served at your event!
Call 507-202-3299 for catering information.

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